‘Uncomfortable truce’ III

   The Newman family was warned to proceed cautiously in the matter of sharing the revelation with others. The potential for skepticism was incredibly high and it would only take one case of xenophobic alien panic to create a interstellar conflict. Rick spotted several sister hives around their neighborhood. It was easy to spot them, once he knew what to look for. The new ‘neighbors’ hadn’t shared how many of them lived around the globe but he got the impression that the number was astronomical.

   “You’ve obviously confided in me and trust that the sensitive secret of your existence is safe with my family.”; Rick began. “Having that knowledge is pointless if it isn’t eventually used to effect a positive change for your species. How does your council want us to proceed? Should we contact our congressman or the local police department? Maybe writing NASA or a scientific organization would be prudent instead. We just want to help but recognize how perilous this operation could be with a costly misstep.”

   “We are thankful for your sincere efforts to help us. We are grateful to have found, open, honest, and brave human beings to contact. Our mission to survive depends on your bravery and willingness to work for the good of other species. Our elder council is still formulating the best course of action on notifying your authorities of our existence. It’s bound to cause a certain level of panic. Humans are still under the mistaken impression that they are the only cognizant creatures in the world. 

   Once they find out about our race of beings, jealousy and fear will lead some of your people to attack us. The announcement must be made after all the careful groundwork has been established. Until then, the secret must remain between you and your family. Do you understand?”

   “Yes, yes of course. I can’t even imagine the chaos the news of your arrival could cause to the general public, ambassador. We’ll do it your way. Just let us know when you are ready, and what we need to do.”

    “We are greatly relieved that you understand how important discretion is to our continued salvation. We will come forward when the time is right. In the meantime, there is a matter of great importance. Our very existence is being threatened by the very same chemical herbicide that is decimating your terrestrial honeybees, wasps, hornets and yellow jackets. Like our primitive ‘cousins’ here in Earth, we are also susceptible to the same deadly compounds. If we don’t find a way to stop the manufacture and distribution of these poisons, we will all die before we even have a chance to be accepted by humanity. Already, many within this hive have grown ill. Even with our level of technological advancement, we can’t do anything against their deadly weapon against nature. Simply put, we are dying.”

   Rick felt a deep sadness within the pit of his stomach. No only was the massive chemical corporation killing the indigenous population of pollen-spreading Earth bees, they were also destroying the planet’s newest inhabitants. There was also strong evidence to suggest that Bonzando’s patented fertilizer was washing into the worlds oceans and causing lifeless ‘dead zones’. It was all in the name of corporate apathy and greed! 

    “There’s no doubt that they are an evil, unethical corporation but what can we do about it? If you understand our legal system, you know that they ‘buy-off’ politicians. We are powerless to stop their genetic grain engineering and mass production of herbicides. They have a team of shrewd lawyers to protect their money-making cash machine. No one would listen to us.”

   There was a long pause after Rick’s impassioned response. The reply caught Rick off guard. “We are often confused by the human system of justice. Your values are weighed by a diluted moral process. It appears to be very convoluted and layered. We see the external circumstances as having a narrow relevance. Either something is morally correct or it is incorrect in our view. To better paraphrase, we do not see true justice in shades of gray. If it is wrong for them to poison the soil and plant life of the Earth with deadly chemicals, then that does not affect our level of action. Humans seem to act based on their ability to challenge the evil doer. We seek to right all wrongs, regardless of the possible consequences.”

   In those concise terms, Rick felt great shame. The alien bees were absolutely right. It was immaterial whether they had any legal recourse against Bonzando. They were still poisoning the Earth and needed to be stopped at all costs. Consequences be damned. Something had to be done and the Newman family was going to do their part.


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