‘Uncomfortable truce IV’ (end)

   “So, what do we have here Steve-o?”

   “Oh, this is one for the history books. From what we’ve ascertained so far, its felony vandalism, destruction of property, and a giant dash of industrial sabotage. From the initial statement made by the suspects, it has all the earmarks of radical social activism. Their group is apparently against the Bonzando corporation for their controversial chemical ‘ground clear’; and the biological GMO engineering on seeds.”

   “Group? Isn’t it just a husband and wife team? Are they tied to one of the large radical environmentalist groups on the watch list?”

   “We don’t know for sure yet.; “Steve replied. “They brought along their six year old kid but he stayed behind in the car.”

  “You’re kidding! Can we add child abuse or neglect to their criminal charges?”

  “Nah, the kid had a full sippy cup and it was 60 degrees last night. They may be kooky environmentalists but they appear to take good care of him. The strangest thing is the statement we took from the little guy, himself.”

   “You took an oral statement from the kid? Steve-o; you sir, are a supa-star. What did he say? Have the parents already indoctrinated him to the so-called ‘evils’ of GMO corn?”

   “I interviewed all three of them independently and they all had the same wacky story to tell. You need to be sitting down to hear this. Are you ready? I’m serious, it’s so bizarre. The father, wife and son all claim that an alien race of bees living in their pear tree told them they were dying from the harmful effects of ‘ground clear’ chemicals.”

   “Wha…? They really said that?” The detective laughed heartily with a series of connected snorts. “The wife and kid too? ‘Alien’; as in from outer space? That’s insane! Gotta be drugs. It’s gotta be. What sort of radical nature cult are they in?”

    “Even more amazing. I polygraphed both the parents. As far as they are concerned, they are telling the truth. I sent over Edmunds to investigate their home for signs of connection with know extremists groups. He called me this afternoon with a real bombshell. It seems there really is a massive nest in their pear tree!”

   “Really? (Hahaha) “Did he get to see any of these ‘space hornets’?” Both men erupted again in laugher. “No, the Newman family claims the bees are very ‘shy’ and only an ‘ambassador’ speaks to them through an opening in the hive. No word yet on what our alien overlords want us to do next.”

  “Oh man, that is beyond hilarious. My side hurts from laughing so hard. Well, did Edmunds find anything useful at the house?”

   “You know Edmunds; that dude is fearless. He actually took their garden hose and destroyed the hive using the water pressure.”

   “Fearless? More like crazy. Did he get stung?”

   “Here’s where the story gets even more interesting; if that’s possible. There were absolutely no bees or hornets in the nest. The only thing inside was a battery operated ‘nanny cam’ and speaker system.”

   “Um what? You mean…”

   “Yes. Someone nearby planted a fake hive in their tree and convinced them it was inhabited by ‘space’ bees.” Both men began to snicker at the absurd idea until Steve continued. 

   “The model only has a range of a quarter mile or so. We are looking into the four neighbors close enough to send the signal. We can subpoena FBI records on their backgrounds if need be. They can still be charged under several domestic terrorist and coercion statutes; as well as accessories to the crime.”

   “This really is one for the books! What a crazy case. Are you going to tell the Newmans?”

   “I just don’t have the heart.”; Steve replied. “Over all, they seem like nice folks. They were unwittingly tricked by clever extremists into attacking an international chemical company. It’s their first offense. The judge will take it easy on them. The embarrassment of being duped will haunt them longer than the suspended sentence and fine for damages will.”


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