‘At the end of their programming’

   “Mirbhal, let us examine this big science project you are so proud of.”

    The eager youngster ambled up to his imposing parents with the spherical diorama. They inspected his impressive handiwork with cautious enthusiasm. With a few notable exceptions, his prized creation appeared to be well constructed and engineered. He researched all the needed elements and made sure they were present. The myriad of creatures living inside his terrestrial biosphere had all the raw materials they needed to survive. 

   “I see that your pets have evolved significantly over many generations. Excellent. Also, the climate and biological conditions appears to be well suited for most of them. That’s another well done element, Mirbhal. I also approve how you programmed their genetic infrastructure and biological coding to incorporate progressive changes.”

   The child beamed from the sincere praise. His father was apt to offer compliments sparingly, and usually on rare occasions. His mother was much more generous with accolades but because of that, they meant far less to him. She always fawned over all his achievements and lofty goals. The earned praise and criticism from his father felt more justified. 

   “That being said, I do see serious issues. You have a great deal of overcrowding in certain geographic sections of your diorama. There’s a significant shortage of their material resources. All of the uncivil fighting among the primal creatures in your terrarium is counterproductive. Have you considered a future strategy to deal with these ongoing concerns? They will not go away on their own.”

   Mirbhal took his Father’s criticisms in stride. They were fair, balanced observations which reflected real concerns that he also shared. It was sage advice for his novice project. He hesitated a moment to prepare a nuanced response to them. His father appreciated preparedness. 

   “I have programmed contingencies into their DNA code, father. Carefully tailored famine and diseases I have arranged for them helps to take care of the population overcrowding.” 

    “You realize that as your pets evolve, they will have less war and conflicts with each other. With time they will also develop an immunity to your population control measures. I suspect they already have some level of understanding about their mortality. It’s cruel to let them know that they have a limited existence.”

   “Yes, I know father. It would be terrible to comprehend a finality of life, wouldn’t it? I understand what needs to be done with my pets. I had great hopes for all of my primitive creations but ultimately my diorama is a failed experiment. They are near the end of their programming. Soon they will not suffer any more. Their DNA program ends in just three solar revolutions.”

   “It’s not a failure at all, son. It was only a limited success. All of our experiences teaches us things. This valiant effort to create life has surely taught you valuable lessons. You can now apply what you have learned to future dioramas. I expect more sophisticated DNA programming the next time.”


About Bo Bandy

Just a creative soul trapped in a world of cookie-cutter pragmatism...
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