‘Quarter Turn’

  Once a week, a man turned his plants a quarter-turn on the sunny windowsill. It seemed unfair for the same side of the vegetation to receive the lion’s share of sunlight. For that reason, he was diligent in the practice of turning them. He hoped that the end result would be for all sides of each plant to receive equal amounts of solar nourishment. 

  As silly as his actions might have seemed to some, it appealed to his sense of equality and justice. He was their botanical caretaker. Rays of sunlight might reach all parts of his plants in varying degrees but the areas in the back were more shaded by branches and leaves. Instead of having wilted sections on the dark side of the containers, he hoped to achieve a more balanced nutritional regimen. 

   His deliberate rotation schedule made them grow tall and full. It was very rewarding to see. They thrived and benefited greatly from his clever efforts. After each turn, they would systematically shift their limbs upward in determination toward the newly adjusted horizon. 

   As the four seasons manifested themselves, the man was struck by an instance of pure profundity. He realized that Mother Nature was doing the exact same thing for all lifeforms on Earth. All areas of the planet were given equal opportunity to flourish in their own way through the planet’s complex, seasonal rotation schedule. As he turned his plants to care for them, the Earth did the same. It was the cycle of nature. 


About Bo Bandy

Just a creative soul trapped in a world of cookie-cutter pragmatism...
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