‘The vortex beckoned’

Darkness crept into their lives.
Collapsing hope from all sides.
Casting ugly shadows of doubt,
destroying any lingering pride.

Pervasive sorrow seized hold;
repelling every source of light. 
There was nothing left to grip
in the vortex of eternal night.

They fell into the deepest hole;
with depression, black as coal.
Despair offered no plan to flee.
In the pit they’re doomed to be.

Drifting forever in a black abyss.
It’s cold embrace, a deadly kiss.
They sink into the spiraling mire.  
Sadness reigns the realm of dire.


About Bo Bandy

Just a creative soul trapped in a world of cookie-cutter pragmatism...
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3 Responses to ‘The vortex beckoned’

  1. I really enjoyed this peem, you captured that grey area really well. I’ve never seen anyone rhyme this well. I love the subtleties.

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    • Bo Bandy says:

      My first cousin’s 24 year old son took his life Sunday. I had only met the young man once but I feel for the pain my cousin is surely enduring now. It may be a crude attempt but if my words here inspire anyone to ask for help, then they have served their purpose. Thank you for the compliments. I have about 400 poems posted here on my wall and 200+ short stories. Feel free to check them out.


      • That is very tragic. I wish you and all those who were around him peace. I think that it’s a noble cause, and hope you do inspire what you described. I’ve followed and will take a look out your work. I try and write poetry too, but dont always post the best examples on here, as I try getting them published. All the best of luck with your writing.

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