At the base of our mountain,
the view upward intimidates.
Safe passage is never clear;
a perilous trek to the summit.
Desire to ascend it is strong
but we must climb to do so.

Progress is slow to the top;
many choices and decisions.
Inexperience tempts impulse.
Power is weak minus control.
Every step leads to another;
or it could deliver a fatal fall.

Is every slip of life a failure;
or scaling the peak success?
In our youth we have the fire
but to play with it, is reckless.
The summit is only the top.
Over the edge is the descent.

Risks are equal going down;
a fall from grace is just as far.
Old age follows youthful folly.
Universal time of deep denial.
The clouds pose perspective.
They float in their liquid sky.

Age and wisdom will combine;
offering experience just in time.
As life fades, a passion grows
to safely reach the base below.
Just scaling our summit peak,
shouldn't be the goal we seek.


About Bo Bandy

Just a creative soul trapped in a world of cookie-cutter pragmatism...
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