‘Hidden compartment’

His deviated septum surgery was supposed to be routine. The doctor went in through the sinus canal to repair an old injury to the dividing membrane. The full amount of time under anesthesia was less than two hours. The patient hoped for a significant improvement in his breathing once the swelling went down and the nasal lining healed. In the meantime, both passages were packed with a temporary stent to insure they held their newly expanded shapes in the transition.

After the surgery, 'Patient X' regained consciousness and was taken home to heal. A week later he recovered enough from the trauma to have the stents removed. The process involved deadening the affected tissues and gently pulling them out. Afterward, a suction apparatus was inserted into the nasal passages to remove any remaining debris. Unbeknown to the surgeon and his staff, one of the nasal stents partially bonded to the patient's sinuses and tore the tissue slightly. The suction device latched hold to the dislocated skin and pulled it completely loose.

'Patient X' had never experienced the procedure before, so he was unaware of the circumstances. He assumed his burning discomfort was an ordinary part of the surgical process. For the first time in many years, the original obstruction was gone and he could breathe normally through his nose. The sensation itself was so intense and dramatic that it fully overshadowed the pain of the accidental skin loss.

This combination of maximum airflow entering his nasal passages and the missing sinus tissue directly beneath his brain, over-stimulated this undeveloped area. It resulted in an unparalleled metamorphosis. Almost immediately, the man's cerebral function expanded by 40%. The unused grey matter 'wasteland' on the underside of his brain was an untapped source of super intellect and psychic abilities.

What might have taken another hundred thousand years of evolution to develop naturally, was advanced overnight through the freak surgical accident. This undeveloped brain area was like a secret compartment, just waiting to be activated. 'Patient X' didn't know what to make of his new abilities or hyper awareness. Suddenly having the foreign powers of telekinesis and a full awareness of others thoughts didn't insure that he could understand or control it. In nature, the extra sensory capacity thrust upon him would have evolved slowly, allowing the entire species to adapt over many generations. As it was, his unnatural genesis left him in a very isolated realm.

The gambit of unlocked psychic abilities caused great headaches and manic euphoria in the man. At first, he didn't even realize he was responsible for drinking glasses flying off the table or light switches flipping off and on. He feared he was experiencing a wave of supernatural activity. Only later did it register that he was actually the source of the paranormal phenomena. Learning to control and use his power sparingly was another matter entirely.

Many of the myriad of transitory thoughts that human beings have on a daily basis are very inappropriate to act upon. Fortunately they remain hidden within the privacy of our secret minds. With his newfound abilities, it required a concerted effort of impulse control to avoid subconsciously acting upon them. All the extra mental effort to 'color within the lines of polite society' was exhausting. The hapless individual was constantly fatigued by the extra mental processing. He experienced an internal war of personal ethics. It proved too tempting to use his mysterious powers for greed and personal gain.

As power has a definite way of corrupting the most innocent of souls, 'X' was soon completely under the spell of his own paranormal prowess. He used his unexplained gift for petty profiteering and lustful pursuits. He also wasted it to gain advantage in games of chance and to steal lonely women's hearts. In short order, he had everything he'd ever wanted and yet there was still an emptiness. Never before had there been such a clear distinction between 'wants' and 'needs'.

Financially, he was 'filthy rich' but he was also the poorest man he knew in spirit. He had a cavalcade of 'friends' and an endless entourage of hangers-on, but he had no one he could depend upon. There was no way to know if they were truly loyal and devoted to him, or just around for the consideration perks of being his friend. 'X' began to wish that his strange powers would go away. What had once felt like an incredible gift and powerful advantage in life slowly changed to be a dreaded curse. The price of being able to read other people's thoughts was knowing the darkness of what they were. Being the most intelligent being in the universe brought sadness, distrust and paranoia. Even having the power to move objects at will had lost its luster. For all his power and wealth, he only longed for one thing: a return of normalcy.

'X' thought long and hard about his circumstances. He concentrated on how to eliminate his alienation from the rest of the world. Having an advantage over everyone else on Earth wasn't as enviable as it had seemed from the onset. With his magnified intellect came a full understanding of what caused the unexplained evolutionary leap in his mental advancement. The surgery accidentally lead to his psychic 'awareness'. In a stroke of brilliance, 'X' devised the solution.

He simply willed the 'hidden compartment' in the underside of his brain to heal back to its previously covered state. Predictably, the charged gray matter tissue was no longer exposed to the oxygen-rich air and atrophied. Soon, all of his psychic powers faded away and with that went all the insincere parasites and users. Luckily he still reaped the benefit of his successful nasal surgery… and his billions of dollars!


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Just a creative soul trapped in a world of cookie-cutter pragmatism...
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