‘Five minutes alone’ V

   Tariq’s face lit up with a hint of uncharacteristic pride. “I injected him with a very powerful chemical compound that was originally developed by the CIA. Although it was highly classified we were; …I mean I was able to locate the original formula and synthesize a modified version of it to be even more potent. Under the influence of this powerful hallucinogen, any user would blindly obey the hypnotic directives they receive. I commanded Bashir al Salaam to ambush all of his military divisions and donate all their monetary assets to anti-terrorist charities. With any luck, he will survive long enough to achieve my final directive. To erase all traces of his terrorist organization and then kill himself.”

   “Oh myyyyy! That’s diabolically brilliant, Tariq! May I call you that? You are forcing him to personally destroy everything he has worked for. I love it! It’s the ultimate revenge. Does he know he’s doing it, or is he oblivious to the mind control?”

   “Yes, it is ok for you to call me Tariq. Essentially I’ve reversed his thought process by injecting him with a hybrid version of the drug and deep hypnotic suggestions. With every action he commits against his own troops, he remains convinced of full success and victory. He believes that all of his field commanders and generals are ‘infidels’. He thinks all of his training camp soldiers are ‘the enemy’. In his paranoid mindset, he has infiltrated allied military bases and killed all of the soldiers as they slept. No amount of persuasion or reason from his lieutenants or advisors could convince him otherwise.”

   Gleason grinned at the satisfaction of breaking the case; and also at Albani’s amazing retaliation against the cold-hearted murderer. “Wait a minute though.”; He interrupted. “A few things still don’t add up. How did you get a drug syringe into his cell? According to the official report, you were searched thoroughly. Also, how could you smuggle al Salaam out of the compound? You might be incredibly smart but you don’t have the military resources to get him out. You had help and I know from whom. How long have you and Durant been planning this rogue operation?”

   For the first time since the interview started, Albani was hesitant to speak. “I planned the whole thing myself. Mr. Durant had nothing to do with it. You must have seen his interrogation report. He had his meathead goons to work me over for hours. I’m covered in bruises.”

   Gleason held up his hand in silent protest. “You can dispense with the excuses. I know you are protecting him. Only he could have overlooked a syringe on your person and helped ‘the pious one’ escape. Bashir was probably hiding in Durant’s quarters the whole time. You were meant to cast my suspicion away from the enlisted men on the staff. Meanwhile your little lockdown stunt served two very different purposes. It created just enough doubt to lead me away from fingering the Captain while you loaded up al Salaam’s mind with parasitic directives. Obviously ‘Knuckles and Chuckles’ had to rough you up a little bit to keep up appearances. My question is, did they know? Did lieutenant Kohl and Banks know what was going on? How many others were in on the conspiracy to smuggle him out and set this maverick plan into action?”

   Tariq assured agent Gleason that only he and Captain Durant were involved. Sean decided that Tariq was telling the truth but he had to be certain. He sent his security detail to locate Durant and bring him to the interrogation room. The Captain knew the truth about their plan was out in the open, the minute he saw Albani’s somber face. “The cat’s out of the bag, Captain. You might as well come clean. Mr. Albani tried to shield you but I saw through it.”

   “Regardless of what Tariq might have told you, I am the ‘ringleader’ here.”; Durant offered. “It was all my idea. I had heard tales of the CIA psychotropic mind-control drug years ago but wasn’t sure if it was real, or a just a bureau legend to scare enemies. From the moment we captured al Salaam, I’ve fantasized about unlocking his cell door and beating him within an inch of his life. The thing is, his crimes haven’t directly affected my life. It occurred to me that his terrorist attacks have personally destroyed thousands of families. His victims have far more right to retaliation or vengeance than any of us at the compound. It made me think about the concept of true justice. Then I started researching survivor stories related to our deadly ‘guest of honor’. I found out about Tariq’s horrible loss at the hands of this madman and how he had overcome the tragedy to become a scholar at Harvard. First I reached out to him on a personal level and then I dared to share my secret idea with him. With a little back and forth, he became very receptive to the idea. The bottom line is that it is all my fault. I played on his lingering anger to draw him in.”

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‘Five minutes alone’ IV

   Agent Gleason took time out of his investigation to study the recent al Salaam camp discoveries. At first he was just as puzzled as General Koenig and the allied command officials. On the surface, those camps being secretly destroyed made no sense. Al Salaam was loose upon the world. If anything, global authorities expected an increase in waves of attacks since he was back in command. Instead, an unknown vigilante group was apparently destroying his camps, anonymously. The two facts seemed to be at odds with each other but Gleason had a wild hunch. Before he revealed his trump card, he did more background checks on Tariq Albani. 

   “Mr. Albani, I see that before changing your field of study to American law and jurisprudence, you were a very gifted student in psychology. I looks like you had a promising future in both chemical engineering AND psychology research at Harvard. Why did you change your field of study?”

    “I… I went as far as I wanted in those fields and decided to pursue Law studies in honor of my mother.” The subject nervously shifted in his chair.

    “Right. Your Mother. What that hateful man did to your mother and thousands of other innocent people in the name of his murderous ideology has been truly horrifying. Why would you join a group that seeks to protect…”

   Albani quickly cut him off. “We both know I wasn’t in the ACLU to protect that horrible monster. I hid my unfortunate connection to him to gain personal access through their prisoner-outreach policies. I just wanted five minutes alone with him.”

   Agent Gleason was deeply gratified that he and Tariq could cut through all the legal pretense and grandstanding. Perhaps they could finally get down to brass tacks and uncover what really happened for those five dark minutes. He had some strong theories but needed Albani to fill in the blanks. As long as the subject was speaking freely, there was no wisdom in interrupting. Whenever there was a lull in the discourse, Gleason would offer a comment to spur the subject along. 

    “But you had him. You had him dead-to-rights. The two of you were alone in his cell. It was just you and the fanatic who orchestrated the bombing which killed your mother. Against all odds, you finally had your chance! You could have strangled or stabbed… or beat him. You could have killed him two-dozen different ways. Why’d you leave him alone? Please, help me understand. Was it a case of 11th-hour forgiveness? Was it pangs of moral conscience that struck you? Why did you leave al Salaam unscathed during those five uncensored minutes? Clearly you were motivated to pursue this long-term charade to get him. What stopped you from pulling the proverbial trigger?”

    Mr. Albani grinned. He realized Gleason was leading him to confess but he didn’t care. “Who says I left him alone? I’ve dreamt of that moment for more than fifteen years. Facing him was glorious. Killing him in his cage would have been anticlimactic. It would have been a waste of all my efforts to let him off easy. I am far from a moral or forgiving man, Mr. Gleason. The thing is, if I am to spend the rest of my life in prison for a revenge plot, my actions will be for a greater cause.”

   “Are you saying that you were responsible for helping him escape? To what end? Did he give up vital details of his organization? Have you organized an international secret militia to hunt down his training camps and headquarters?” Gleason fired off a round of questions, rapid fire.

   “Killing him in that filthy cage would only extinguish his pitiful life. It would have also make a bigger martyr out of him to his followers. Another head of the hydra would immediately rise to take his place in that poison organization. Only he knows where his weapons caches and generals are. Only he knows the bank account numbers that fund all of his terror campaigns. There wasn’t nearly enough time to uncover that pertinent information out of him. Only he could gain access to his splinter groups.”

   Sean Gleason’s lower jaw dropped involuntarily as the incredible facts unfolded. He didn’t want to interrupt but he was dying to ask questions. “Are you saying that you turned al Salaam into a ‘Trojan horse’ to destroy his very own organization? He’s the one doing those things to his camps and splinter cells? What kind of spooky ‘voodoo-mind-control’ did you do to him in those five minutes?”

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‘Five minutes alone’ III

   The international manhunt was on to recapture Bashir al Salaam but with his resources, he could have been anywhere on the planet. Tariq Albani maintained his full innocence despite a lengthy series of intense interrogations. Meanwhile the ACLU pointed to a lack of direct evidence and petitioned for his unconditional release. Durant, Kohl, Banks, the Captain’s secretary, and the entire compound security team were given polygraphs. 

   Special Agent Gleason found out about Lieutenant Kohl’s ‘lead poisoning’ threat and focused on that for a while. He couldn’t justify how threatening to shoot him in his cell could somehow translate to assisting in his escape; but It was all he had to go on at the moment.

    More than a week passed. There were numerous sightings of the fugitive within the international intelligence community but none could be independently verified. It was feared that he would quickly go underground and hide. Either that or accelerate his global terror plans while he was free to do so. Agencies across the globe braced for surprise attacks. Metropolitan cities across the world were uneasy. No one knew where ‘the pious one’ would strike next, or how he would make them suffer for his imprisonment.

    A tribal band of resistance fighters in the mountainous region between Afghanistan and Pakistan found one of al Salaam’s training camps. It had been completely gutted. All of his soldiers were dead. All munitions and weapons had been destroyed. By the condition of the bodies, they had been dead several days. The tribal fighters reported the puzzling development to their respective governments, which in turn informed the allies. 

   General Koenig of the allied command toured the destroyed camp and searched the festering bodies for al Salaam. He wasn’t among the deceased but they did find evidence that he had been among them. A far greater mystery loomed in the mind of the allied commander. One that he had to answer.

   What organization was responsible for secretly destroying his training camp? Did ‘they’ also have the most wanted fugitive in the world in their custody? Perhaps it was a rival terrorist group holding him ransom. By now, they would have already come forward to claim the money if that was the case.

   While the General and his team sifted through the ruins for clues to that mystery, another training camp was discovered in Yemen. Just like the one in the remote mountains of Afghanistan, it too had been fully destroyed. The bodies of the dead were ‘fresher’ this time. The allied authorities dated the timeline of the massacre as less than a day earlier. 

   General Koenig toured that site and was struck by the similarity of the victim’s injuries. In both camps, the dead appeared to be caught off guard. One of the deceased had written in his journal that “Allah was smiling upon them since the ‘pious one’ was among them”. Once again, the terrorist mastermind’s body was not among the dead. While two gutted training camps was always fantastic news, the allies were still determined to find out who their mystery benefactor was. 

   Special agent Gleason reviewed the polygraph results for all the personnel at the holding compound. Unlike in the movies, the information gleaned from polygraph testing isn’t cut and dried. Instead of deception, a high level of agitation from a test subject could just be nervousness. He had to determine what was a sign of nerves, versus guilty actions. 

   Both Lieutenants came across as mostly truthful, as well as the Captain’s secretary. The two interrogators tested in the moderate range but Gleason attributed that to worry about their gray-area actions in the interrogation room. The members of the security detail only had a few questionable areas in their test results. He surmised that was subconscious guilt over allowing the prisoner to escape in the first place.

   The Captain and Albani however were a different story. Both men appeared to be hiding something significant. Was it because of collusion with each other? Was it just fear about the loss of their freedom? Sean wasn’t sure but he put a lot of weight into the murky results. Regardless, it wasn’t definitive enough yet to arrest Durant or to file charges against Albani. He had to continue fishing for answers until something more concrete floated to the top.

    When a third al Salaam compound was discovered equally destroyed, the news media erupted with vivid headlines. Commentators theorized controversial ideas. World leaders celebrated the weakening terrorist infrastructure, regardless of what unknown organization was behind the assaults. When it all came down to it, most people just wanted to feel secure. They didn’t really care who was responsible. They just wanted to thrive in a world free from car bombs and suicide vests detonated in public markets. For every al Salaam camp that was destroyed, their world felt a little safer. 

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‘Five minutes alone’ II

   “Intelligence is making all sorts of excuses for the security breach.”; Durant’s secretary remarked. “He is a legitimate ACLU attorney and his mother’s death of was overlooked because they have different last names. She stayed behind while he came to the U.S. on a scholarship to Harvard. According to his academic transcripts, his IQ is off the charts. There’s no telling what sensitive information he leaked to al Salaam. I think the Justice department was so desperate to locate a possible defense lawyer that anyone with a pulse would do. They weren’t about to look very closely at a gift horse, and just imagine what it’s done to us. Don’t worry though, Albani will be brought up on federal espionage charges and providing material support to an enemy of the state. It’s only a matter of seeing what will stick against someone with a strong legal background and sympathizer ties to his terrorist organization.”

   “We’ve got to find out what happened in those five minutes!”; The Captain shouted. We need iron-clad proof if we are going to nail this guy and stop al Salaam’s next plot. Who knows what that flaming bag of dung is planning against the world? For all we know, Albani just came to alert al Salaam about the operational condition of his organization since he was apprehended. Tell ‘knuckles’ and ‘chuckles’ to ‘interview’ both of them again. Hard. I want a second by second rundown. They’ll get it out of them. They always do.”

   Before they could re-interrogate Bashir al Salaam or Tariq Albani, alarm bells started blaring over the compound P.A. Durant radioed the command post. “What the hell is going on?”

   Lieutenant Banks answered. “The prisoner is not in his cell, sir. I repeat. The ‘guest of honor has left the presidential suite’. We are conducting a block-by-block search to locate him.”

   “What prisoner? THE prisoner? Al Salaam is not in his cell? Holy Fudge! How could he get out? It’s like a damn bank vault! Lock down the entire bunker immediately. No one goes in or out. No food service vehicles, no laundry trucks, and no trash bags disposed through the chute. Put all available men on the search effort and no one leaves this installation without my expressed consent. Is that clear?”

    “Yes sir. Crystal clear. If he’s still inside the compound, we’ll find him.”

    “You’d better hope he is Banks! If not, all of us will be guarding polar bears in igloos at the North Pole next week.”

   Despite an exhaustive search and countless man-hours, ‘the pious one’ simply vanished into the night. It was Captain Durant’s unpleasant duty to inform the President. The fugitive cost the taxpayers years of higher taxes, thousands of enlisted men’s lives, and billions of dollars to apprehend. Under his watch, the world’s most wanted terrorist had escaped. Not surprisingly, the news didn’t go over well. The commander-in-chief was so furious that he hung up on him. Minutes later a special investigator for the CIA called back in his place. He said that an independent review of the facility would to be conducted as soon as their representative arrived. 

   It didn’t take an MIT grad to know what that meant. All of their actions, policies, and procedures were going to be heavily scrutinized with a fine-toothed comb. The defense condition or ‘Defcon’ rating of the U.S. would escalate due to increased risk of attack. Military careers would be destroyed. Individuals would be thrown under the proverbial bus. Someone would be fingered and blamed publicly for the monumental screw up. Durant began mentally preparing himself for that likely outcome. 

   Special agent Sean Gleason arrived at the facility in the middle of the night. He was already deep into his investigation before most of the men were even out of their bunks. “I’ve examined the prisoner’s quarters”; he sternly began without introducing himself “; and there isn’t any evidence of force being used on the door locking mechanism. That tells me he didn’t escape on his own.”

   “We haven’t been able to get any useful information out of Mr. Albani. So far he’s denying any contact with the prisoner at all.”; Durant replied while reaching over to politely shake his hand.

   “What could he haves passed to al Salaam that could open that door?”; Special agent Gleason countered without accepting Durant’s handshake. “Nothing. There’s nothing he could have given the prisoner to escape his cell. Not to mention the station itself was on total lockdown. There was no way out of this place and yet, he’s gone. The odd event with the ACLU lawyer was just a diversion. It’s an inside job. I’m recommending polygraph tests for everyone here.”

   Captain Durant withdrew his hand and dropped it to his side, awkwardly. He had hoped to forge a friendly relationship with the investigator but clearly the bureau sent a hard ass. They always did.

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‘Five minutes alone’ I

   “An attorney from the ACLU is here to meet with our ‘guest of honor’ and monitor his living accommodations. Frankly I don’t know how they found someone to represent that terrorist piece of shit but apparently some one has to. For weeks, no one would even touch his case with a ten foot pole because of all the negative publicity associated with his crimes. Then this mystery guy comes along and agrees to represent him in legal matters out of some misguided principle.”

   “If they didn’t find anyone to represent him in the upcoming trial, wouldn’t that just delay Justice?”; The Captain’s secretary theorized.

   “It’s a damn farce anyway. We all know he’s guilty as sin. He admits he was the mastermind behind all of those suicide attacks and bombings. Having a trial for the most wanted terrorist in history is just a waste of American taxpayer’s money. How could anyone so obviously guilty expect a fair trial anyway? It’s Impossible to find a location where jurors would be unfamiliar with his organization or their violent crimes.”

   lieutenant Kohl suggested in not-so-subtle terms that the world would be better off if ‘someone’ just went into his cell and gave him a fatal case of ‘lead poisoning’. The other two men looked at each other nervously from the vigilante suggestion. 

   “I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that, lieutenant Kohl. Statements like that could get you demoted, discharged, or serious time in the brig. Every man at this institution understands those patriotic feelings; and while we might agree in theory, legally we have to remain objective. We just have the do our jobs. Keep those undisciplined thoughts to yourself. Is that understood? Anyway, I’ve already verified Mr. Albani’s credentials and searched him. He’s definitely the guy the authorities sent to check on ‘the pious one’s’ welfare. His prints and retina scan matches those on file. I’m going to escort him down to ‘the bunker’ to meet with his client. I’ll need you and lieutenant Banks to stand guard at the checkpoint until I get back. Lockdown protocol is in effect in the event of an emergency.”

   Banks and Kohl stood at attention in front of the guard shack while Captain Durant escorted the lawyer to meet with ‘the Pious one’. Kohl and Banks exchanged looks related to the captain’s verbal reprimand. There wasn’t a huge difference between Lieutenant Kohl’s sarcastic ‘lead poisoning’ remark and Captain Durant’s rant about the trial being a farce and a waste of tax payers money. Regardless, they both knew that different rules applied to those with more stripes. 

    Walking down the vacant corridor toward ‘the presidential suite’, the Captain reminded Mr. Albani not to pass any physical objects to the prisoner; and to shout for help if there was a problem. Legally, Durant had to remain within earshot of the cell in case he was needed. He was also required to stand far enough away to afford them full privacy. It was a balancing act. 

   The defense lawyer replied that he understood the rules of engagement and Captain Durant began the complex process of opening the cell. It had a number of powerful safeguards to prevent tampering and escape. Each of which had to be overcome to open the heavy door. 

   The prisoner shielded his eyes until he adjusted to the hallway light. The captain confirmed that he was still secured to his ankle shackle and reminded the attorney of the safety precautions. The prisoner seemed confused about who the visitor was and why he was there. In his part of the world, criminal combatants and enemies of the state were summarily executed without delay. Mr. Albani explained that it was his job to interview him and confirm that there were no human rights violations while he awaited trial. Durant left the ACLU official alone with the prisoner to conduct his official inquiry. 

   No sooner than he was out of casual earshot, a loud metallic noise echoed in the chamber. Captain Durant raced back to the cell but was horrified to see that the door was completely closed and the locking mechanism was engaged. Infinitely worse, it appeared to be deliberately jammed from inside and refused to open. Durant radioed Kohl and Banks to bring the emergency override key on the double. 

   In the span of five agonizing minutes of violent uncertainty, anything can happen. Only the two men in the closed room knew for certain what was going on behind the door. Lieutenant Banks fumbled with the override key. About the only thing they expected to see when the door was opened again was the dead body of the human rights lawyer. Terrorists on death row have no compunction about adding one more victim to their murder total. 

   Much to their amazement, both men in the cramped cell was still very much alive and uninjured. As a matter of fact, both the prisoner and his visitor appeared unharmed at all. It was as if the wind had merely blown grandma’s screen door shut and no one rose to open it back up. The two men made no effort to even acknowledge that the cell door had closed behind them. 

    In displaced anger and emotional overreaction, Durant grabbed Mr. Albani and dragged him out of the cell. “What the hell just happened back there?”; He snarled. “Did you close his cell door and jam it, or did he do that? I’m going to have to fill out an incident report with my superiors and I need to know everything. EVERY THING! Do you hear me? Did he say or do anything while you were locked in there?”

   Albani feigned total ignorance. He insisted that nothing happened during the lockdown and that he couldn’t offer any explanation for why the door closed. The Captain phoned the IT department to have the cell surveillance tapes pulled. Upon review, the camera system was conveniently out of operation during the five minute ordeal. The special operations interrogator was also unable to ‘coax’ any information out of the prisoner or Albani. Durant ordered a background check on Mr. Albani and was amazed to uncover that his mother was killed in one of the prisoner’s terrorist attacks.

    “How the hell does something like that not get ‘red flagged’ by our intelligence?”; He yelled. “If I could discover that with modest digging then it should have been a ‘day in the park’ for them to recognize he was a threat! They have ten times the resources that we have! Albani should have never been cleared to get within a hundred miles of this place! He clearly has a massive conflict of interest in meeting with Bashir al Salaam. It’s a miracle we still have a prisoner left to build a federal case against. If Salaam killed my mother, you can bet that he would be in pieces before those five minutes were up. What would any of us do if we were civilians alone with that evil bastard? The fact that he was out of reach for five minutes and still unharmed is pretty solid proof that they are in collusion.”

    “But why would the lawyer be in collusion with someone who killed his own mother? That doesn’t make any sense.”; Durant’s secretary wondered.

    “How should I know? Maybe the story about his mother’s death is fake. Maybe she was an ‘infidel’ and it was an ‘honor killing’. How should I know? I don’t understand the mindset of most people in that part of that world.”

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‘Eulogy for Big Willie’

    “We are gathered here today to celebrate the life and times of a gentleman giant who literally saw the world from a different vantage point than the rest of us. Today he is surely looking down upon us from the pearly gates and smiling at this loving gathering of friends and family. Roberta, do you have some kind words?”

    “Yes, thank you reverend. Everyone likes to talk about the larger-than-life persona of Wilhelm Gabriel Klein. Everything about the man was over the top and matched his toothy grin. He had a massive silhouette which cast a looming shadow wherever he went. Needless to say, just the sight of the ‘town titan’ commanded full respect from all those in his path.

   It’s been said that his infectious, booming laugh could be heard for miles. Of that claim I can not attest officially but we can all agree it was mighty loud, nonetheless. His lavish parties were legendary and he lived an extravagant lifestyle befitting his Teutonic ancestors. Everything about this huge soul was ‘large and in charge’.

   It’s no surprise that when the time came, Wilhelm Klein’s funeral would also be equally large and jolly. All of us know that he wouldn’t want us to mourn his untimely passing. He would expect it to be festive and joyous, just as he lived his life. His personal philosophy was all about celebration over adversity. As long as we remember his huge heart, he will live on in all of us.”

   “Thank you Roberta! That was a lovely tribute. He certainly carried the spirit and courage of a mountain. Who would like to go next? Phillip?”

   “Good evening everyone. Yes, those dinner parties were legendary. That’s for sure. Before they were over there was always someone swinging from the chandelier; but that’s how ‘Big Lord Willie Klein’ liked it. Massive! As we all know, because of his peculiar height, he had many obstacles to face and overcome. It was difficult to find clothes that fit his unusual dimensions and driving an automobile was always a special challenge. Most household items were built to be used by human beings within the so-called ‘normal’ size range. For this reason, I helped to personalize his home and outfit it to suit his special needs. The needs of a man of considerable character.

   Despite being so different in size, Wilhelm Klein didn’t want anyone to treat him that way. As far as he was concerned, he was just as ‘normal’ as everyone else. That was, despite there being almost two feet of difference in height with the rest of us. He refused to allow his physical attributes or stature to dictate how others related to, or saw him. 

    By not expecting special treatment or physical considerations, Big Willie always earned the complete respect of everyone he met. He adopted a very positive, progressive attitude and led by example. He was always generous with his time, charitable with his money, and gentle in his interactions with others. We’ve all witnessed his gregarious attitude a thousand times. It was a magnet for making new friends and a launching pad for his success in the business world. Now that the end has come for his mortal shell, there is no shortage of admirers and friends here to step forward and speak at his wake. I am just one of many.”

    “Thank you Phillip! That was another amazing eulogy and the testimony to a very beloved man. While personally diminutive in size, Wilhelm Klein was incredibly tall in spirit. A true ‘giant’ of a human being that happened to only stand three feet, eleven inches tall in platform shoes. His life experiences as a dwarf and how he handled them made us all better people and human beings. May he Rest In Peace.”

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‘The architect was me’

 For every angle and archway,
I fashioned this grand design.
If life is like a spiral staircase; 
I’ve excelled at wasting time.

My corridors lead to nowhere.
Columns erected in ego pride.
I designed dead-end hallways.
The failure came from inside.

Looking back at this bitter ruin
I’d seek others to assign blame.
To deny facts may be natural,
but I know the architect’s name.

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