Words… linguistic symbols on a page. The implication and gravity of their meaning can magnify in the mind of the reader. They can inspire, they can offend. They can make or break friendships. Their conceptual intent is often greater than the sum of the individual parts. At times our dialog fails to convey it’s intended message. Other times the nuances of these literary ideas are all-too-successful.

These pictographic smoke signals can forge both fantasy and reality in the malleable matrix of human imagination. They transfer the hope, thoughts and dreams from one soul to another. Often in a way that falls short in other forms of communication.

The written word bridges the gap between insular organisms to remind them they are not alone. Whether terrifyingly or terrific, they provide a conduit from internal to external; and then back to internal again. If the mind can channel a thought, then carefully chosen words can describe it in a way that resonates with others. 

Words can soothe melancholy, they can rile up the downtrodden and inflame the passion of the disenfranchised. They can entertain, inform or enrage with equal enthusiasm. Whether by design or misunderstanding, the written word is the most powerful tool in our communications arsenal. Sometimes you need the raw brutality of a jackhammer to drive a message home. Other times the precision of a scalpel is necessary to slice right to the point. An important lesson is to choose the right words for the right occasions. It can be less about the words you choose, than the ones you do not. 

In the concise brevity of excising all the extraneous fluff above, ‘words are important’. 😉