I started having an indication that all wasn’t ‘well’ in my tiny corner of the world. I felt weak and violently ill. Over time, the vague little ‘hints’ became much clearer. Eventually I couldn’t deny the facts any longer. I was receiving hostile feedback from my surroundings and it was growing in intensity. The opposition to my existence was obvious. There was an active, external plot to harm and reject me but I fought back and dug in for a protracted battle. I wasn’t going to be attacked or pushed out without a fight. My life and livelihood were being threatened.

Then my illness grew even more severe. I didn’t have the energy to eat anything. My whole body ached from the toxic poisons focused on me. I might’ve been angry at the targeted efforts to destroy my life but there wasn’t time to dwell on it. I was at war. Rather, ‘it’ was at war against me and I had to defend myself to survive. That’s when the walls started to really close in. I was being squeezed out. All during the battle I’d maintained a valiant effort to hold my position but in the end, my opponent was too strong. I couldn’t fight back anymore. Slowly I was forced to retreat. Backward and out. My weakened body was being expelled and I was helpless to stop it.

Another aggressive wave of malice was directed at me. It pushed even harder against my withered body. I mounted one last attempt to hold my ground but it was no use. Everything collapsed around me. The walls started squeezing and pulsing to force me to leave. The end of my freedom was near. I was being ejected and evicted from the only home I’ve ever known. Nausea wracked my entire being. Panic and fear gnawed at me. My helpless body was adrift and free-flowing in a biological current that was determined to wash me away.

This one-way, pharmaceutical expulsion finally removed me from the small intestine of my human host. From there I was expelled into the lifeless wasteland of a sewer. Thus ended the parasitic existence of a common tapeworm.

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Someone gave me the Reddit gold award!

It’s great to be recognized. 😁

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‘I was featured in a murder victim montage’

I was just thumbing through the streaming options on television when an interesting documentary caught my eye. Despite being well versed in modern murder cases, it featured a serial killer I had never heard of. The brief synopsis was intriguing so I decided to check it out. Almost immediately, the ‘blood and guts’ style and forensic details captivated my interest in a creepy way I couldn’t explain. Frankly, it was a little disturbing. Why was I so fixated on ghoulish things like that?

Before I could wax philosophic on my inherent morbid side or the dark depravity of mankind, something in a scene transition caught my eye. It was a rapid montage of human faces. From the subject matter, it strongly implied they were victims of the killer. I didn’t want to admit it to myself at the time but one of them seemed oddly ‘familiar’. So much so that I backed up the footage to view it in slow motion. In all, I must have watched that scene a half dozen times. I was absolutely transfixed.

The segment was only a couple of frames long and I’d never seen the image in question, but I was pretty sure it was a photo of ME! For some inexplicable reason, my face (or an unknown doppelgänger that was a spitting image of me) was featured in a serial killer montage! Needless to say, I was glued to the monitor after that. I had to find out who the person was in the unknown photo and what had happened to them. If it really was me, how was there a portrait of myself I wasn’t familiar with, and how could I be watching a documentary about my own death?

The program outlined the killer’s earliest crimes and the investigation to solve the grizzly murders. Then it introduced the victims and detailed the dates when they were killed. As the documentary progressed, the timeline went all the way up to current times. I was surprised when they mentioned a murder committed very, very recently but that paled in comparison to what came next. The next victim of ‘El Emperador’ (as the killer was apparently known) was supposedly killed almost two years from now! I was beyond confused. It made absolutely no sense. How could they investigate homicides that haven’t occurred yet?

At first I assumed it was some sort editing or clerical mistake but the ‘history of terrible things (yet to come)’, continued onward without explanation. At the beginning of each segment, they displayed a photograph of the victim they were about to discuss. I didn’t even blink when MY featured segment came on. As much as I’d hoped the oddly compelling image was an unknown lookalike, it was definitely me. I was watching my very own murder case! The hairs on my arm stood on end from the terror I felt.

There was some forensic footage of my autopsy by the pathologist in charge and a brief clip of the funeral filmed by the local press. I even saw a distant shot of my coffin being lowered into the grave! I shuddered at the overdose of reality. I learned the dark day that I was going to die, and by who’s murderous hand. (At least I knew the killer’s media-dubbed pseudonym). It was surreal. I was beyond numb at the chilling revelations.

As incredibly useful as all of that information might be, I was faced with an intellectual conflict. How could I witness or possess evidence of my own (future) death? It wasn’t rational or logical, and yet I’d just watched the undeniable footage. Was I ‘steered’ toward watching it by some cosmic supernatural force? Was I ‘meant’ to see it, to confront a painful truth I was in denial over; or was I given the opportunity to alter my future? I didn’t know the answer. I didn’t even know how to process the questions. It wasn’t every day that a person gains illicit access to future events about their own death.

Could I change my path, or was I doomed to follow a predetermined track that I couldn’t ‘derail’? I was determined to try, consequences be damned. Who wouldn’t? Stories of his other victims continued after ‘my murder’ segment. The killer’s actual identity still hadn’t been revealed yet. The filmmakers only referred to him in vague generalizations and a shadowy subtext. I guessed his secret identity and the criminal apprehension would be detailed closer to the finale. As you might imagine, I was incredibly anxious to find out who I needed to avoid at all costs.

I was so freaked out by the situation that I was tempted to pause the documentary and check the ‘air date’. If it was listed as originating prior to ‘now’, they all the footage and claims of future crime events had to be pure fiction. Honestly, I was hoping it was a nightmare or vivid hallucination. If it listed the production date as occurring the future, then I was out of my mind, or already dead. I didn’t know which to hope for. Neither of those ‘options’ was appealing in the least. Instead, I elected to just stay the course and find out who my killer was from the gripping testimony. The narrator strongly hinted that the weight of the truth was about to hit all the viewers, very hard. I was on the very edge of my seat when the great reveal came.

As it turns out, ‘El Emperador’ and everything else in the documentary was completely made up! My fate wasn’t sealed. There wasn’t a real serial killer or murder victims at all. I wasn’t experiencing some sort of future premonition. Much like ‘War of the worlds’ and a customized ‘Black Mirror’ episode; the entire production was virtual reality programming to ‘entertain viewers’. The filmmaker worked with cutting-edge AI experts to generate a tailored experience for every viewer.

The software scoured social media accounts in advance to find existing profile pictures of every person watching. Then it rendered an age progression composite ‘new’ photo of them to insert into the ‘victim montage’ programming. Everything was preplanned and prearranged. I’d been taken on a high tech, visceral trip into surreality. Luckily there was an end to the tunnel and I was able to come back from the annals of ‘true crime.’

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Sometimes I play an odd ‘game’ when I walk up or down my stairs. I leave the light off. Perhaps ‘game’ isn’t the right word. When I was growing up, my father was obsessed with the idea of keeping the switch down (when ‘off’), and up (when ‘on’). To him, it was more important for it to be flipped ‘the correct way’, than for anyone to have light as they traversed the steps. As strange as it was to us, It was easier to accept his preference, than to argue about it. No one wanted to deal with his extreme reaction to discovering the light switch in reversed orientation. We resigned ourselves to a life of walking the stairs in the dark.

To this day, I leave the light switch off in my own windowless stairwell. I guess the same OCD has rubbed off on me, or embedded itself under my skin. After all, I know how many steps I have; and that another is coming after the one I’m standing on. They all have the same ‘riser’ height and ‘tread’ width. The details are mapped in my muscle memory. The sense of sight isn’t normally necessary there. I guess I’ve come to trust what my body knows, over what most people feel is necessary to see.

A few nights ago, I went to ascend my stairs and reached for the firm reassurance of the banister. The hard polished oak handrail is a familiar feeling I use to justify this little nonsensical ‘game’. Strangely, It wasn’t where I knew it to be. I fanned my hands around in the dungeon-like darkened space for it. I assumed I’d only misjudged the distance to the wall but it wasn’t there. I was way outside the range of space that it should reside in, yet I was coming up empty. Then in frustration, I blindly sought the light switch. Nothing.

My feet slowly eased forward in expectation of bumping against the first step but the floor felt ‘different’ underfoot. It didn’t even feel like my floor at all. It was much harder and was possibly consisted of stone or concrete. My carpet wasn’t there! The switch and wall wasn’t present either. I had stumbled into unknown territory.

My first instinct was to immediately reverse direction and reopen the stairwell door behind me but it had mysteriously evaporated too! There in the darkness I fanned around in the air wildly, seeking the tactile reassure of familiar objects that should have been within reach. Mysteriously, nothing was ‘right’. I was rapidly becoming desperate to figure out what the hell was going on.

The corridor was so dark that my eyes never really adjusted. I didn’t even try to explain the complete change in my environment either. Those answers would have to come later. I was thrust into survival mode for the time being. Instead, I decided to crouch slightly and explored the foreign ground with my bare hands. Everything was completely alien to what I ‘knew’. There was a mossy vegetation covering where my thick shag carpeting should have been.

As if to add even more uncertainty, there was a cool, damp chill looming in the air. I felt like I’d stumbled into some alternate realm of chaos and worried there might be dangerous vertical pits ahead. Each step was made with the same tentative lack of confidence one would expect from walking in total darkness in a strange land.

Imagine inching forward nervously, expecting to feel a wall or step (but they never materialized). There were unfamiliar forest noises in the place my mind still wanted to believe was a narrow staircase. I made each step like a person who expected to be above a hole or loaded bear trap. Something unseen brushed against my leg and I let out an undignified shriek. It was terrifying. For all I knew, I was wandering in circles or lying on the floor of my home having a hallucination. My strange journey into the unknown felt so real. The boggy soil beneath my feet seemed so tactile and realistic to the touch. I began to worry I might never get back to the reality I left behind.

Just then, I felt the unmistakable sensation of a significantly large furry creature brush against me again! Was it the same one from before? More importantly, was it malicious? I was still having trouble grasping the paranormal experience I found myself stumbling through. It was even harder to accept the unwelcome possibility of wild creatures roaming my home.

Of course I had no way of knowing what kind of animal was following me through the darkness. I hoped it wasn’t feral or vicious. After all, it already knew I was there. It could’ve attacked me at any moment, if it wanted to. I was a ‘sitting duck’ in the surreal expanse of my mysterious staircase portal. The significant amount of unknown factors made the hairs on my arm bristle. I was in uncharted territory headed toward an uncertain fate.

I sensed my unknown ‘shadow’ was in the darkness nearby. I could feel it. Tentatively I reached out to make friendly contact. I’d either make a new ‘pal’, or possibly lose a couple fingers. For the first time, the creature emitted a low, throaty growl like a agitated canine. I pulled my hand back instinctively. The growling lessened and then ceased. I tried to adopt a non threatening posture. It could see me perfectly, from what I could tell. I had a general idea where ‘it’ was from the direction of the warning it emitted.

Assuming it was like a a nervous puppy, I elected to give it space and try to bribe it with a treat. I had a few pieces of hard candy in my pocket. I pulled one of them out and tore the wrapper open. The familiar smell of peppermint was in the air and I could tell it was curious. I held it at the edge of my fingers and coaxed it to take it. Nervously at first, I heard the creature sniff the candy and snatch it away, as if I wasn’t to be trusted. Immediately I heard it pulverizing the candy into dust all at once.

Assuming I’d pleased my new friend, I pulled out another peppermint. Again I tore away the cellophane. I could actually feel the heat of it’s breath of my hand. The candy was a huge hit. I held out the new piece. It was taken with the gentleness of a creature that was appreciative of what it was being given. In my mind, my non verbal companion was probably a large dog or similar domesticated animal. At least parts of it were soft and furry and it can up to mid thigh. I heard it crunch hard on the second piece. I only had one more in my pocket and I didn’t want to run out of treats while still trying to completely win it over. I elected to wait a few minutes before giving away the last one.

I held out my open hand again. I heard it sniff my fingers. It really wanted more candy but could see I wasn’t holding another piece yet. I was tempted to try to pet it, but didn’t want to spook the animal or risk getting bitten. Gradually it moved close enough that I felt the warmth of it’s head near my hand. Gently I brushed against it. There was a slight guttural protest but it was half hearted and reactionary. This time I was able to pet the unknown creature without any further resistance.

To my immense surprise, it definitely wasn’t a dog, or a pig, or any other animal I’d ever felt in my life. It had long patches of fur and several thorny spikes on its back! I almost recoiled in horror but managed to maintain the calming rhythm of my petting. The strange creature I was stroking in the pitch blackness seemed to be enjoying the attention but I sensed it could all deteriorate in an instant with the wrong move on my part. I kept going.

The spikes fortifying its back were natural defensive weapons. It had a club-like tail too that seemed to be off limits to my touch. I left that area be like the vulnerable belly of a cat. The beast’s head was enormous for an animal it’s size and I couldn’t help but notice the large fangs beside its furry muzzle. Whatever I was petting in the alternate universe of my stairwell, it was a fierce creature and had plenty of defense mechanisms.

I sat down on the soggy vegetation. The creature curled up beside me as if to ensure I continued to stroke it. I reached into my pocket and pulled out the last remaining piece of candy. The crinkling wrapper caught its attention. It actually let out a little squeal of excitement. I hoped it would still be my friend once the last peppermint was gone. This time it took the candy from me before I could even get the wrapper off. I guess the plastic wasn’t that much of a hinderance to a creature with 2 inch canines and cow sized lower mandible. After it was gone, my new friend curled up beside me on the ground and went to sleep. I had to be careful to avoid the back spikes. Eventually I fell asleep too.

When I awoke, I found myself lying on the second step of my stairs! I reached up in the dark and felt the switch. Instantly the stairwell was bathed in the light of my chandelier. I was alone. For the briefest of time I assumed it was either a vivid dream or a hallucination. There was no sign of my ‘peppermint pal’ but I did have some long strands of fur on my lap and some ground stains on the seat of my pants. I can’t explain what happened there in the dark but I did occur. Now whenever I wander up or down my stairs in the dark, I’m sure to have a pocketful of candy for my furry, prehistoric friend.

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A narration twofer of my stories.

‘Lost in the clouds’ and ‘1100 tongues’ performed by Madame Raven! Please give her a thumbs up!


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‘I looked into the void’

It wasn’t the absolute nothingness which enthralled me at first. The darkness was just oddly intriguing. The tangible elements and natural beauty of life repelled my interest. The thriving organism around the void was a reminder of ‘normalcy’. Seeing visible evidence of the stark contrast between the two extremes was morbidly fascinating. I wasn’t able to focus on anything but the abnormal decay in this void. We know that a rotten spot on an apple doesn’t heal. It grows larger until it fully consumes the fruit. I was drawn into the wormhole.

It was like the juxtaposition of a malignant tumor surrounded by healthy tissue. The void was the anomaly. It stood out like a sore thumb. My eyes were drawn straight to it like a magnet. It wasn’t possible to look away. At least I couldn’t. So I fixated on the metaphorical ‘cancer’ until it began to consume me in the very same destructive way. Depression and hopelessness drew in from all sides like creeping water on the decks of a sinking ship. My light was fading. Slowly at first, and then one day hope was an indistinct memory.

Once fully absorbed by this black hole of nothingness, the void completely inverts. From the inside, everything is a decaying realm of nothingness. If you are observant, you can still spot the life that was once your own, floating outside. It’s a tiny pinpoint of shimmering light, ever-so-slightly out of reach. The numbing influence of nothingness is absolute. The distant sparkle you are drawn to seems like a far away dream. It couldn’t possibly be real.

For a time you languish in dread and depression. The light of hope seems like it’s only there to mock and tease you. A few halfhearted attempts to escape the gravity of the black hole results in greater discouragement. Failure to free yourself drags you further into the dark burial place. Eventually you become a part of the void.

Some never escape. Others manage to scratch and claw themselves out of the consuming depression. Often this comes from determination and sincere help from friends and loved ones. The same instinct to focus on the darkness originally can also lead those trapped in the void, back into the light. Never give up and never surrender.

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‘She was first’

I couldn’t tell you the last time I had a restful night of sleep. My entire existence has become a perpetual state of fear and dread. The source of this eternal torment is a violent nightly attack I experience which I can neither avoid, nor defend against. I feel an uneasy anticipation about the phenomenon. It grips me to the very core of my being. I can’t shake these unwelcome interruptions to my life because I’m not in control of them. ‘It’ comes nightly as I sleep.

The last thing I dwell on before I sleep is the looming awareness of what’s to come. Sadly, it’s also the first thing I’m reminded of when I shudder back awake. Every soul in the world has something they fear. I admit, I’m no different. The subject of my puerile nightmares is a cold, elongated sphere which seizes my attention and demands compliance in full. It’s smooth, alien surface is pale, hard, and defiantly unyielding. It’s mystical purpose is arcane. It’s hollow motives are unquestionably fowl, yet I am strangely fascinated by it. I even feel an odd sense of protectiveness in its presence.

When it comes, I can focus on no other thing. As it possesses me, I’m sent into violent paroxysms which contort and stress my entire body. There before me is the unexplained product of my labor. I feel strangely drawn to it but expectation of future painful reoccurrences tax my senses and sanity. Thankfully through it all, I have a support system to help me cope with these ugly encounters. A caretaker hauls away the puzzling source of my grief each morning but the very next day, another oval enigma is thrust upon me. It’s a revolving crisis I’ve yet to crack. Yes, I was here first in the barnyard but the eggs keep coming.

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