‘Gravity wins’

What goes up, must come down. 
All dynasties begin with a crown.
Whether a king smiles or frowns;
Gravity always wins, hands down.

The tallest tower one day will fall.
Time and decay outlast any wall.
Nothing built can refuse the call.
Gravity is the only universal law.

To judge the weight of our sins,
we seek truth from a myopic lens.
Let me tell you this, my friends. 
No matter the facts, gravity wins.

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‘At war with his inner-monologue’

“Down in the well, the water dwelled.”


“Down in the well, the water sat.”

-No, that’s not right either. Water is inanimate. It can neither dwell nor sit. What does water do? Rest? Lie? 


-‘Perch’? Are we out of our linguistic mind? Water is not a cat! All those earlier description failures are attempts at personifying a thing. I suppose water CAN course (but only when there is an active current and gravity to push the molecules). In most ordinary instances that we can think of, it appears that water can only ‘be’ (as far as within the flat, level environment of a deep, lonely well.)

Ok then. let’s try again. “Down in the well, the water just was.”

-Humm. We can’t think of a good rhyme for ‘was’. We were going to try ’cause’ in the next line but that’s a real stretch to rhyme ‘was’ and ’cause’.

Maybe we should actually try to personify the water. That might be interesting.

“Down in the well the water lurked. It was such a ridiculous construct it made us smirk.”

-Yeah, ‘lurked’ and ‘smirk’ are too silly to use in serious writing and we’re still uncomfortable with the idea of personifying a thing. 

‘Bubbled’? ‘Gurgled’? ‘Rested’? ‘Was corralled’? ‘Contained within’? That last one is technically accurate but it’s too awkward to ‘flow’ smoothly into a verse. 

-Hummm, flow? Nah. ‘Flow’ also implies gravitational action that wouldn’t be at work inside a well. 


-Well, that’s somewhat accurate but really other things float IN water. They work against the collection of hydrogen and oxygen molecules to be buoyant. 

Can’t something float within itself? 

-Nah, too metaphysical. We must keep the poem easy to comprehend. 

Poem? Who says this is a POEM? Does it have to be? Dude! Maybe it’s a gruesome horror story and there’s a dead body floating IN the tepid water! 

   “Down in the well, the water contained the bloated body of Randolph Ringhoffer.”

Does the name ‘Ringhoffer’ or having double ‘R’ initials distract from the story idea? Should we have used a more common name like ‘Jones’? 

-What does it matter at this point, ‘dude’? How can anything distract a reader if we only have one sentence so far? It’s silly to worry about such things this early.

   That’s not true at all. I happen to already know that Mr. Ringhoffer was intentionally pushed into the well by an angry malcontent. He drowned. He’s been floating there five weeks in the stagnant, festering pool. His restless spirit has been getting angrier by the minute until someone extracts revenge on… Butch Cas… er… Carson. The local outlaw, Butch Carson.

-‘Outlaw’? Open well? ‘Malcontent’? ‘Butch’? Is this a ‘Wild West’ roundup tale or something? Those aren’t common terms and situations for modern times. 

   As a matter of fact it is, Mr. Negative. It takes place in 1887, in frontier Wyoming. That’s where Mr. Ringhoffer’s cattle ranch is. What’s with all the single quotes, anyway? Is that a manifestation of your contempt for my writing choices? 

-Take it easy, ‘hoss’. I’m just echoing the subconscious thoughts of your potential readers. That’s the sort of thing that would occur to them. You know I’m your inner monologue. It’s my job to critique and challenge you creatively. Otherwise you do not grow as a writer and storyteller.

If you are just a part of my creativity, how do you know what others will think about my details? What innate insight do you have? You’re just an annoying voice in my head. 

 -As a matter of fact, myself and the inner monologues of everyone else in the world gets together for big discussions and conferences. We evaluate things. We discuss YOU and your penchant to over-analyze small details. It’s sad really. We feel you could achieve some great things if you’d just let the writing occur naturally. Stop agonizing over minute details.

Ok. Fair enough. I understand ‘you’ are just trying to help. Could we have a little more ‘constructive’ and a little less outright ‘criticism’?

-Yes. Sure. I don’t want you to feel discouraged either. It’s a balancing act. I’m digging the story idea so far. I’m anxious to see where you go with it. Just please, for all that is holy, do NOT weave a well-worn cliché about rival wealthy landowners who dam up the river to extract gold from the stream. That would just be ‘Unforgiven’. 

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‘Inspiration is kinetic’

Put your ego aside, 
it’s only a matter of pride. 
What’s more important? 
I’ll let you decide.  

Got an active mind?
don’t let it fall behind.
Just seek out the truth,
with all that you find.

Shadow or wraith?
It comes down to faith.
It doesn’t really matter,
as long as you’re safe.

The passage of time;
progresses in a straight line.
It only goes one direction. 
That’s by design.

Are you waxing poetic?
Your instincts are prophetic.
Just listen to your muse.
Inspiration is kinetic.

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‘Dual lives’

Every day delivers challenges, 
Each night brings new dreams. 
Which of them is true ‘reality’?
Is ‘awake’ even what it seems?

Perhaps as we sleep at night; 
we choose to live another life.
One free of moral restraints.
More power, less complaints.

In a realm of dreaming minds
It’s up to us to save mankind. 
We fight evil in a dozen wars.
For a win, we lose two more.

As a ‘hero’, trapped in space.
Unable to run, glued in place.
Touring halls that never end.
Facing foes we must defend.

I believe with ordinary souls,
that being awake takes a toll.
In a fantasy, the reality pales.
Only time levels these scales.

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Is anyone the villain in their own dream?

If dreams are just a subconscious extension of the ego then it’s doubtful anyone would be a villain in their own dreams (but anything is possible). I wanted to ask others about their experiences in the realm of dreams. Have you ever been a ‘bad guy’ in one of your dreams? How did you feel about that (during the dream)? Did it bother you after you woke up?

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‘Irish smiles’

Down in the dewey meadow
the four-leafed clovers grow.
There’s a place in the valley
that it rains but never snows.

Tall grass waves in the air.
A cozy wind fans the trees.
Willow branches hold sway
by a warm summer breeze.

Mischievous Leprechauns 
point to the rainbow’s arc.
Their treasure is revealed;
only in the deepest dark.

The truth may be charmed
on a magical Emerald Isle.
Accept an Irishman’s hand
but never trust his smiles.

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‘Five minutes alone’ (conclusion)

   “Can we stop with the ‘dueling heroes’ routine and get back to the incriminating details?”; Gleason barked. “Both of you are in this to the hilt. There’s no sense in trying to sacrifice yourselves for each other.”

   Durant shrugged and continued. “Once we located the classified formula for the CIA mind control drug, Tariq made some impressive improvements and we discussed how we could best use it to break al Salaam. He had already endured every form of advanced coercion and interrogation technique that we could throw at him. All with no results. The man has a strong constitution, I’ll give him that. Anyway, my original plan was to use the drug to force him into giving us critical GPS locations for his training camps, headquarters and all of their financial records. We soon realized that there wasn’t enough time to extract all that information in the short period Tariq would be locked in his cell with him. While incredibly risky, the only solution we could come up with was to set him free and use him as a assassin against his own terror network.”

   “That was one hell of a gamble, Durant.”; Gleason remarked. “What if he snapped out of it? You already said he has an iron will. Maybe he could overcome it’s powerful hold on him. Then we’ll have the world’s most wanted terrorist as a free man again. Who are you to gamble with the lives and happiness of millions of people?”

   Durant looked furtively at Albani. He nodded back at Captain Durant as if to convey a reluctant level of agreement. “We have designed a failsafe plan in the unlikely event that happened. We installed an explosive, tamper-proof GPS tracker in his nasal passage. If he managed to snap out of it, we could detonate the chip, anywhere in the world. He would die instantly.”

   “Holy shit!”; Gleason snarled incredulously. “You know his exact location at this very moment? Damn! General Koenig’s crew could go and pick him up right now to put him on trial for war crimes. Why are you waiting on? Stop sitting on this covert information. If you help us recapture him, it would go a long way with a judge. At the very least, you should detonate the nasal chip to undo the damage of letting him go free.”

   “We’ve been tracking his movements very closely. Tariq and I are in this for the long haul. We are patient and have planned for numerous contingencies. If there was any sign of hypnotic regression, we would have immediately pulled the plug on the whole operation and detonated his ‘insurance’ chip. So far our covert operation has netted us immense results with ZERO casualties or loss of soldier lives. That was always our goal.”

   Agent Gleason nodded. “I’m sure the two of you have put a lot of thought into this and the idea behind it is fascinating but we have trained professionals to handle these things. They have the training and military might to bring down al Salaam’s organization.”

   “That’s just it. There’s no amount of caution from General Koenig’s men that wouldn’t still result in a high loss of lives during all the fierce assaults on his hidden compounds.”; Captain Durant argued. No one else knows his secret operations like Bashir al Salaam, himself. He’s the perfect weapon to dismantle it all. Please, just give us a little more time to complete our mission. We’ll both make a full confession for your investigation after that, if necessary.”

    Special agent Gleason threw up his hands in nervous frustration. If he agreed to sit on the explosive facts of the case and not report them, he would be just as guilty as they were. “Please continue.”; He requested somberly. 

   “Once Tariq arrived, I had to put on a huge performance for my staff. They had to believe I was completely opposed to him being here. Later when the prearranged lockdown occurred, I also had to pretend to be furious over our manufactured ‘breach’. I’m not much of an actor. It was a real challenge.”

   In a rare moment of levity during the stressful proceedings, all three men laughed. It was a much needed reprieve from the tense situation. 

   “Now you know the whole truth and nothing but the truth.”; Durant continued. “It’s up to you about what you choose to do with it. I realize that if you cover for Tariq and myself on our controversial plan, it would make you an accessory to our unauthorized actions. I get that. I’ve followed orders implicitly and without question for the duration of military career. One day I came to realize that there are more important truths at times than just doing as We are told. I hope you can see that too. Regardless, we intend on seeing this through to the end. I can’t say that we have the will power to endure a lengthy ‘powwow’ from ‘Knuckles and Chuckles’ but we intend to resist giving up his position. I hope you can see that ours is a just and effective cause.”

    Sean marveled at their ingenuity and the boldness of their brave plan to use al Salaam as a tool against himself. In less than three weeks, eleven related terrorist compounds and strongholds had been destroyed internally by the triggered madman. Several multi-billion dollar donations had been anonymously paid to anti terrorist organizations. Support for al Salaam’s cause had also dropped off steeply. As if that news wasn’t gratifying enough, a startling video recording was received at three dozen news organizations later in the week. 

    On the tape was a full confession of his horrible crimes against humanity by the fugitive mastermind. In it, he admitted to killing thousands of innocent people through sectarian violence and initiated radical jihad. Shortly before the camera shut off, Bashir al Salaam pointed a pistol at his forehead and pulled the trigger. Tariq Albani’s final directive and justice for his mother had been successfully achieved. It had been a very effective five minutes alone with ‘the pious one’.

   In light of their secret service to ‘the greater good’ of the world’s population, special agent Gleason closed and buried the investigation into the dead fugitive’s earlier escape. With Bashir al Salaam dead by his own hand, It was a moot point. Naturally, both heroes preferred to remain anonymous and the truth to remain undisclosed.

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